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This 2,680-acre property is located in the Texas Hill Country just twelve miles from Wimberley on the Blanco River. Two major camps are in operation: Cockrell River Camp and Horseshoe Bend Camp. Cockrell River Camp has 15 troop sites and Horseshoe Bend Camp has 12 troop sites. Each summer Cockrell River Camp operates 8 weekly sessions and Horseshoe Bend Camp operates 6 weekly sessions. In addition to the Summer Camping Sessions, El Rancho Cima is open year-round for weekend camping.

Directions to El Rancho Cima

El Rancho Cima is located approximately 180 miles west of Houston. Take I-10 to Luling and Highway 80 to San Marcos. From San Marcos, take Ranch Road 12 ten miles West to the intersection of Ranch Road 12 and 32. Continue west on Ranch Road 32 for five miles. You will come to El Rancho Cima's gate on your right just past the Devil's Backbone rest area. Continue on the entrance road and go left at the Ranger's house. Stay on the entrance road - you will pass Horseshoe Bend Camp on the left. The entrance road will eventually lead you to Cockrell River Camp.

Cockrell River Camp at El Rancho Cima

Cockrell River Camp lies along the Blanco River, which runs through the sprawling El Rancho Cima property. All program areas, except shooting sports, are located within 100 feet of the river. Navigating this compact camp is 

The feeding style in camp is unique in that Scouts prepare their own breakfast and lunch from camp-supplied foods and eat dinner together in the open-air dining hall located above camp on what is affectionately referred to as Appetite Hill. Older Scouts and Scouters might prefer to take the switchback route.


Horseshoe Bend at El Rancho Cima

Nestled in the shadow of Sentinel Peak and Fortress Mountain, Horseshoe Bend is the hub of the western program at El Rancho Cima.  At the crack of dawn the sounds of wranglers and horses drift across the 12 campsites that sprawl along the hills forming the Bend. Fossil beds are abundant at El Rancho Cima, making geology a prime activity.  Wildlife abounds, and with the unique plants of the Hill Country, nature ecology and conservation study are reality.

Backpacking to the many outpost camps is part of the intrigue of El Rancho Cima.  Places like Coon Ledge, Rocky Gulch, Homestead Meadow, Old Baldy, Fish Camp, and Frio Spring offer exciting chances to learn and test Scouting skills.  Some outpost camps have staff-led programs arranged around the Western Lore of the Hill Country.

Although horsemanship is a prime feature, Horseshoe Bend also includes other activities that make camp unforgettable.  Facilities and staff help are available for all outdoor skill awards and merit badges.

Lifesaving, swimming, rowing and canoeing merit badges, and Lifeguard B.S.A. are part of the aquatic program at Horseshoe Bend.  Rowing and canoeing will be done on the Blanco River.

Each campsite has a latrine-washstand, and access to a centrally located warm water shower.  Troops will camp by patrols in two-man wall tents on wooden platforms.  Each patrol will have a table, dining and cooking fly, and wood-charcoal burning stove.  Breakfast and lunch meals will be prepared by each patrol on its site from menus issued from the commissary in the Troops Service Building.  Evening meals will be prepared by the camp, and served in the dining pavilion.

Directions to Camp